Antech’s UKAS Calibration Services

Free Client Services available to registered members

Free Inventory Management System

All clients of Antech Calibration Services are offered free use of our inventory management system. Clients can then supply Antech with a detailed list of all their equipment including any calibration history for the items. Antech will then be able to provide you with access to this information 24 hours a day using our online members service. Antech will also be able to send you recall notices when your equipment is due for re-calibration saving you any worries of missing the expiry date. Just a few of the online services available to clients are shown below.

Antech Calibration Services Benefits

As soon as you send any of your instruments to Antech for calibration, you will be registered to use the advanced functionality available through the Antech website. You will be issued with a username and password, and can use these to login via the 'Members' link in the side menu. Once you are logged in, you will be able to use the following features:

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Online Certificates

All your calibration certificates will be signed and stored electronically as PDF documents within the Antech system. The secure website will then enable you to download and view any of these certificates at any time. Whether during an audit or simply as a reference for current calibration, you will never need to search for your old paper-based certificates again.

If you don't wish to download the certificates directly, you may select the documents you require and, with the click of a button, have them sent via email into your inbox.

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Equipment Status

To provide complete traceability for your instruments at every stage of their time at Antech, we provide up-to-date status information, telling you exactly where your equipment is and what is happening to it. Your member login can also be used to trace the complete history of your equipment, including all jobs it has been involved in and all previously created certificates. With this at your disposal, the information you require will only be a click away, avoiding the traditional phonecall or email to our representatives.

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Request Quotes and Collections

To save you time in your business activities, you can use the Antech website to request quotes for your calibrations/sales/rental of equipment, quickly building your requirements using our "shopping basket" approach. The quote you request will go directly to our staff who will respond as quickly as possible with your quote. You will also be able to review quotes you have previously requested from Antech, allowing you to make your decisions and contact us when you are ready.

In a similar fashion, you may also book a collection for your equipment over the Antech website. The site will suggest the next possible date when one of our vans will be in your area, along with the subsequent dates should this not be convenient. Your requested collection will then be received by our Goods In department, who will contact you directly should any problems occur.

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Account Maintenance

If any of your details or circumstances change, the Antech website will allow you to alter the details we store on you easily and without direct contact with us. If you change premises, phone numbers, email address etc, you have the functionality to change this online with the assurance that it will be in affect over all your communications with Antech.