Antech’s UKAS Calibration Services

Antech's UKAS Calibration Services

Antech Calibration Services Laboratory
Antech's automated calibration procedures minimise turnaround of customer's equipment giving benefit in quality, reduced down time and competitive pricing.

Enhancements to the range of calibration parameters are constantly being introduced, giving Antech the ability to calibrate the majority of test and measurement equipment in-house.

Test and calibration equipment management contracts are tailored to meet customers specific requirements, which include collection, delivery, and equipment recall. Certification can be produced on paper, disk, PC CD-ROM or e-mail.

View our detailed schedule of in-house parameters

Antech Calibration Services is now able to offer it's clients UKAS calibration over many fields including Electrical, Temperature, Pressure, Dimensional, Humidity and Liquid Flow. We are forever striving to improve our calibration capabilities and add to our already impressive UKAS schedule.

Antech's UKAS Calibration Parameters

UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) is internationally recognised as the independent organisation for accrediting the integrity and competence of personnel, quality systems and measurement parameters.

The gaining and on-going maintenance of the accreditation involves continual competence assessment of the company's technical staff and procedures in addition to the quality management systems.

UKAS Calibration Schedule
(This covers both on-site and laboratory calibrations)

UKAS Testing Schedule
(This covers both on-site and laboratory testing)

Antech Certificates of Accreditation

To download one of our accreditation certificates, right-click on the PDF logo next to the certificate of your choice and select "Save Target As..."

BS-EN-ISO 9001:2008 Conformance CertificateBS-EN-ISO 9001:2008 Conformance Certificate
UKAS calibration laboratory certificateUKAS calibration laboratory certificate
UKAS Accredited Testing Laboratory CertificateUKAS Accredited Testing Laboratory Certificate
Sample UKAS Calibration certificate

An example of one of our certificates issued by our UKAS Calibration Laboratory is provided for download below. If you take advantage of our member-only online functionality, you will be able to download any certificate produced from the calibration of your instruments.

UKAS certificate for Orifice PlateSample UKAS certificate for an Orifice Plate calibration