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Courier Insurance

  • UPS Terms and Conditions of Carriage

    • To download the UPS Terms and Conditions of Carriage please visit their website here.

  • TNT Enhanced Liability Cover

    • 13.1 We will not be liable for any loss of income, loss of profits, loss of markets, loss of reputation, loss of customers, loss of use, loss of an opportunity even if we had knowledge that such damages or loss might arise or for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages or loss howsoever arising including, without limitation breach of contract, negligence, wilful act or default.
    • 13.2 We are not liable if your shipment or any part of it is lost, damaged, delayed or mis-delivered or not delivered or if we do not fulfil any obligations towards you at all as a result of:
      • a) circumstances beyond our control such as (but not limited to):
        • acts of god including earthquakes, cyclones, storms, flooding, fire, disease, fog, snow or frost; force majeure including (but not limited to) war, accidents, acts of public enemies, strikes, embargoes, perils of the air, local disputes or civil commotions; national or local disruptions in air or ground transportation networks and mechanical problems to modes of transport or machinery; latent defects or inherent vice in the contents of the shipment; criminal acts of third parties such as theft and arson.
      • b) your acts or omissions or those of third parties such as:
        • you being in breach of (or any other party claiming an interest in the shipment causing you to breach) your obligations under these terms and conditions and in particular those warranties set out in condition 11; an act or omission of any customs, airline, airport or government official.
      • c) the contents of the shipment consisting of any article that is a prohibited item even though we may have accepted the shipment by mistake.
    • 13.3 We are not a common carrier and do not accept from you any liabilities of a common carrier.
    • 16.1    You may, against payment of the indicated charge, make a declaration on the consignment note of the value of the shipment (non document shipment) exceeding the limits laid down in condition 11 up to a maximum of �15,000 per shipment ("Enhanced Liability"). Declaration must be made by completing the relevant box on the consignment note and paying the indicated charge. Compensation for proved loss or damage to your shipment may be claimed up to the total amount of the above declared value. Enhanced Liability is not available for precious stones, precious metals, laptop computers, plasma and LCD screens, jewellery, money, glass, china, objects of art, antiques, documents (other than the reconstitution cost as provided for in condition 16.2 below) or any films, tapes, discs, memory cards or any such other data or image carrying goods. If you do send such goods we recommend that you arrange insurance yourself.
    • 16.2    You may opt for Enhanced Liability limited to the cost of reconstruction, reproducing, reissuing or re-printing cost (including the costs of the materials (e.g. paper) plus reasonable labour costs) of your document shipment by completing the relevant box on the consignment note and paying the indicated charge. Compensation for proved loss or damage to your document shipment may be claimed up to �350 per shipment. This Enhanced Liability option is only available for documents which are listed on our website or by contacting our Customer Services.
    • 16.3    The above Enhanced Liability options (16.1 and 16.2) (i) do not provide compensation for losses of a consequential nature (see condition 13.1 above) or delays in carriage or where the loss has arisen as a result of your breach of your obligations under these terms and conditions of carriage, (ii) are not available for non-carriage services and (iii) are not available for a limited number of countries.