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UKAS Calibration of orifice plates
Orifice Plates

Antech offer a calibration, repair and manufacturing service for orifice plates. Certification is to ISO5167-1:2003 and is issued by Antech's UKAS Calibration Laboratory. Our maximum plate size is 36" - there is no minimum size restriction. All measurements are recorded directly into a computer; a typical calibration contains a minimum of 160 individual measurements.

For calibration of orifice plates, pipeline diameter is required as this feature determines the tolerances of the orifice plate during the calibration process. The following form enables rapid delivery:

Orifice Plate Questionnaire Online Form

Antech can manufacture bespoke orifice plates in addition to offering calibration. Please contact us for price and delivery.

The link below provides a PDF document detailing a typical orifice plate drawing:

Orifice Plate Design DrawingUniversal Orifice Plate Drawing

If you have any queries please contact  to discuss your requirements.