Antech’s UKAS Calibration Services

Fiscal Metering Rental Catalogue

Digital Multimeter
Hewlett Packard 34401A 6 ½ Digit Hewlett Packard 34401A 6 ½ Digit Digital Multimeter
Ranges :DC 100nV to 1000V ; 10nA to 3 Amps
:AC 100nV to 750V ; 1μA to 3 Amps true rms.
:0hms 100μΩ to 1000MΩ
:AC ranges frequency 3Hz to 300kHz
:Frequency measurement & math functions.
Accuracy :See user's guide
Mains Operated fitted with IEEE 488 interface

Frequency / Period Counter
Hewlett Packard 53131A Universal Counter Hewlett Packard 53131A Universal Frequency / Period Counter
2 channel, universal period / frequency counter. 10 Digit LED display.
Power Supply :88 / 269 Vrms, 45 - 66 Hz auto selected
Range DC :0.1 to 225 MHz
Freq. Resolution :10 Digits per second
Time Interval Res. :500psec. (Single Shot)

Frequency Synthesiser
Spectra-Tek H213 Spectra-Tek H213 Frequency Synthesiser
Simulates frequency domain transducers, such as vibrating cylinder densitometers. High quality crystal oscillator generates an output signal set by six (6) decade thumb wheels on front panel.
Power Supply :Mains 110 / 240 VAC 50 / 60 Hz
:Battery (2 hours)
Ranges :100ns, 10ns, 1nsec
Settings :Minimum 00000.2μsec
:Maximum 9999.9 μsec (Direct Mode)
Period Stability :3ppm over eight (8) hours

Dual Pulse Generator
Spectra-Tek H212 Spectra-Tek H212 Dual Pulse Generator
Generates a variable frequency pair of pulse trains which can represent the outputs of a flowmeter. A voltage controlled oscillator whose frequency is adjusted by a ten (10) turn potentiometer, the number of pulses is set by the five (5) decade thumb wheels on the front panel.
Power Supply :Mains 110 / 240 VAC 50 / 60 Hz
:Battery (2 hours)
Ranges :0.5 Hz to 4kHz

Decade Resistance Box
Cropico RBB6  
Six (6) Dial decade box
Range :1.0Ω to 112.111Ω
Resolution :0.0001Ω
Uncertainty :0.05%

DC Resistance Standard
Cropico RS3/50 Cropico RS3/50 DC Resistance Standard
Range :50Ω
Maximum Current :1 Amp (0.05 Watts in Air)
Uncertainty :0.005%
Typical Temp. Coeff. 15˚ to 25˚C :<5ppm/˚C

Digital Thermometer (Intrinsically Safe)
7.7.1 - AWR Hand Held Precision Thermometer ATI200.IS. £9.50
Intrinsically safe hand held thermometer, 3 ½ digit LCD display, battery powered. C/w a four wire Grade 'A' platinum resistance probe ACP100/0.3. Certified by BASEEFA for use in Zone '0' hazardous areas.  
Range :-199.9˚C to +199.9˚C
Resolution :0.1˚C
Accuracy :±0.1˚C
7.7.2 - AWR Platinum Resistance Probe (Additional) £3.50
Four wire Grade 'A' platinum resistance probe ACP100/03  
7.7.3 - AWR Multi-Way Selector Switch £4.50
Two way selector switch allows two platinum resistance probes to be connected to a single ATI200.IS thermometer, c/w additional probe  

Deadweight Testers
7.8.1 - Budenberg 249T Differential Air Deadweight Tester £120.00
High static defferential deadweight tester
Range differential pressure :2.5 to 1000 mbar
Static pressure :Up to 200 bar
Accuracy :±0.05% over main range
:±0.1% at lower range
7.8.2 - Budenberg 380H Deadweight Tester £17.50
High range Dead-weight, utilising a combined high and low range piston unit  
Range :10 to 16000 psig
:1 to 1200 bar
Accuracy :±0.05%
7.8.3 - Stainless Steel Weights £4.50
Fine increment weights for 380H Dead-weight Tester, bar or psi  
7.8.4 - Budenberg 241 Deadweight Tester £12.50
Air operated Dead-weight, used to calibrate instruments which must be kept free of oil  
Range :10 to 500 psig
Accuracy :±0.04%
7.8.5 - Budenberg 239P Deadweight Tester £14.00
Low pressure Dead-weight tester, air operated via integral hand pump  
Range :15 to 1000 mbar
Accuracy :±0.05% over main range
:±0.1% at lower range