Antech’s UKAS Calibration Services

Antech's Pressure Calibration Laboratory

Over the last decade Antech Calibration Services has developed its UKAS pressure calibration laboratory capability to cover the vast range of instruments found in industry today: -

The wide range of pressure calibration equipment covered falls into the following categories: -

  • Gas/Hydraulic-Absolute, Differential, Gauge, Negative Gauge
  • Fiscal Metering
  • Air/Oil Dead Weight Testers
  • Anemometers
  • Micromanometers
  • Orifice Plates to 30"
  • Barometers (Kew, Fortin & Aneroid)
  • Gas Density

All with certification, within the following parameters: -

  • Hydraulic Pressure Gauge 0 to 4000 bar
  • Hydraulic Pressure Absolute 0 to 4000 bar
  • Gas Pressure Gauges -1 to 500 bar
  • Gas Pressure Absolute 0 to 500 bar
  • Gas Pressure Vacuum 0 to -1 bar
  • Differential Pressure 0 to 10 bar
  • Differential Pressure High Static 0 to 400 bar
  • Air velocity 0.5 m/s to 30 m/s

Our UKAS pressure calibration laboratory can also offer torque calibration in the range 0 to 1000 Nm and force calibration in the range 0 to 5000 kgf.

Gas Density Transducers

Certification using Antech's UKAS Calibration Laboratory of gas density transducers in the range 0 to 400kg/m³ using nitrogen or argon gas. Additionally, for fiscal metering customers, we can produce a 'User gas' certificate for a gas of a known composition. You can supply your gas composition details by completing the online user gas composition form below:

User Gas Composition Online Form

High Static Differential Pressure

Certification using Antech's UKAS Calibration Laboratory of differential pressure transmitters with analogue or digital output. Maximum differential pressure: 10 bar, maximum line pressure: 400 bar. Atmospheric 'footprint' calibration is performed after high static calibration. Please fill in our differential pressure transmitter calibration online form below to ensure the rapid calibration of your instruments:

Differential Pressure Transmitter Calibration Online Form

If you have any queries please contact  to discuss your requirements.

View our detailed UKAS schedule of in-house parameters