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Free Client Services - Request Quotes and Collections Example

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Fig 1. Using our 'shopping basket' technique, you can select from a list of your items (with or without specific serial numbers), or you can choose from a complete list of every item Antech have dealt with before. You can then add these to your quote, along with sections for your own specific requirements and optional file upload functionality. This will speed up your quote requests and enable you to build quotes much more easily.

Quote Request

Fig 2. The same principals have been applied to the process of requesting a collection as to requesting a quote. But before you can select items to add to your collection request you first have to choose a collection address and collection date (steps 1 and 2). An initial collection address and collection date are pre-selected for you but if this is not desirable, you can select alternatives from a drop-down list of possibilities. You can even specify your own date if you wish to arrange carriage for your items. You are then able to build up a collection list in the same way as the quoting above.

Collection Request Step 1

Collection Request Step 2

Collection Request Step 3

Fig 3. Any quotes you do request can be reviewed for up to one month after they have been issued via the 'Current Quotes' screen. Clicking a particular quote will enable you to see all the details of what the quote was for, when it was issued, the exact prices, and who to speak to should you decide to accept.

Current Active Quotes

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