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Fig 1. Our Equipment Status page will give you a report on every piece of equipment currently undergoing work at Antech. It will tell you when we received your instrument, all the details of your instrument (including manufacturer, model, description, serial number, plant number and PO number), and will tell you the current and previous status's of your instrument.

Equipment Status

Fig 2. If you wish to search for an item that is currently undergoing calibration or has been previously calibrated by Antech, you can search your instruments using the 'Search Your Equipment' page. You can enter any number of criteria into this form and the system will return all appropriate instruments along with the details of their previous calibrations.

Search Your Equipment

Fig 3. This screenshot shows example results for criteria entered in the previous search page. The result page will depend on the search criteria you used, however, results will always either show your items and the job number under which they were calibrated, or the job number and the items which were calibrated for that job. If you want a full history of the instrument, then you can simply click on its description.

Equipment Results

Fig 4. From clicking on an item description, the following item service history page can be seen. This lists all the details about the instrument, along with every job it has been involved in and any certifcates that were produced as a result of the work done.

Item History

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