Antech’s UKAS Calibration Services

Antech's Calibration Services Instrument List

This is a list of all instrument models currently contained within our database. This is by no means a definitive list of models that we can calibrate as we are adding new models all the time. If the instrument model you are searching for does not appear in this list then please do not hesitate to contact us or request a quote providing details of your instrument model.
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Available manufacturers for the current letter 'Q'
QHP  |  QLA  |  Q-Torq  |  Quad Tech  |  Quadcheck  |  Quadchek  |  Quadrina  |  Qualitek  |  Quantum  |  Quantum Dynamics Inc  |  Quantum Production Limited  |  Quark  |  Quartzlock  |  Quest
Manufacturer Model Description Cal/Hire/Sales
QHP AQ400 Relief Valve Quote
QHP Block Valve Block Valve Quote
QHP QSB070-1003 Relief Valve Quote
QLA Wobble Gauge Quote
QLA CNTGAG-MI Alignment Unit Quote
Q-Torq KEN--555-4500K Torque Multiplier Quote
Q-Torq TW12 Torque Wrench Quote
Quad Tech 1412-BC Capacitance Decade Box Quote
Quadcheck 6554SA Compliance Analyser Quote
Quadchek 6554SA Electrical Safety Analyser Quote
Quadrina PT25/100B Flow Transducer Quote
Quadrina QEL19B Flowmeter Quote
Quadrina QFL/75F/A/EP1 Turbine Flowmeter Quote
Quadrina QS Series Printer Quote
Quadrina QS444 Printer Quote
Quadrina QW 582 Flowmeter Display Quote
Quadrina QW Series Printer Quote
Qualitek 624 Pressure Test Unit Quote
Qualitek 70 - 350 Nm Torque Wrench Quote
Quantum Digital Stopwatch Quote
Quantum 16 Memory Stopwatch Quote
Quantum 235-5059 Stopwatch Quote
Quantum 5500 Stopwatch Quote
Quantum 5501 Stopwatch Quote
Quantum 5502 Stopwatch Quote
Quantum 801GX Video Test Sync. Generator Quote
Quantum BMB2 Stopwatch Quote
Quantum DECIMAL Digital Stopwatch Quote
Quantum Desk Top Stopwatch Quote
Quantum DTT500 Digital Thermometer Quote
Quantum Memory Timer Quote
Quantum PACER TIMER Digital Stopwatch Quote
Quantum PT1000 RTD Quote
Quantum QCT500 Thermometer Precision, PRT Quote
Quantum Sport Timer Digital Stopwatch Quote
Quantum Dynamics Inc QAF24 Flow Meter Quote
Quantum Production Limited QFM330 Oxygen Deficiency Monitor Quote
Quantum Production Limited QRD330 Oxygen Meter Quote
Quark PMM330 Multimeter, Process Quote
Quark PMM330A Multimeter, Process Quote
Quark PMM440 Multimeter, Process Quote
Quark PMM440A Multimeter, Process Quote
Quartzlock 2A Off Air Frequency Standard Quote
Quartzlock 2A-W Frequency Reference Quote
Quartzlock 2A-Y Off Air Frequency Standard Quote
Quest 1800 Sound Level Meter Quote
Quest 1900 Sound Level Meter Quote
Quest 2900E Sound Level Meter Quote
Quest BA-201 Bio Acoustic Simulator Quote
Quest CA-12B Sound Level Meter, Calibrator Quote
Quest CA-22 Sound Level Meter, Calibrator Quote
Quest HAVPro Vibration Monitor Quote
Quest M28 Noise Logging Dosimeter Quote
Quest OB-300E Octave Filter Set Quote
Quest Q-200 Noise Dosimeter Quote
Quest Q300 Noise Dosimeter Quote
Quest QC-10 Acoustic Calibrator Quote
Quest QuesTemp°30 Heat Stress Monitor Quote
Quest QuesTemp°32 Heat Stress Monitor Quote
Quest QuesTemp°34 Heat Stress Monitor Quote